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What We Do

We select the Best, Brightest and Motivated young high school students from under-resourced and under-served communities for our highly selective summer and All year round ‘hands-on research program’.

The students perform Advanced Research with Nationally and Internationally Acclaimed Scientists, Doctors and Engineers in leading Institutions and Organizations of Higher Learning.

The students Attend and Participate in Lectures, Seminars & Workshops by Internationally Acclaimed Scientists, Engineers & Educators at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The students are trained to develop themselves as productive and responsible Adults seeking a Career in the Sciences and Engineering.

The Internships run for eight to twelve weeks in the summer, with the possibility of year-round after-school participation. The students get a handsome stipend for their participation.

The students are encouraged to participate in becoming our future scientists, doctors and engineers, furthering dialogue with our communities, contributing to society and be a part of a responsible Citizenry.

The students Participate in Expressing themselves in Regional and National Scientific Conferences and Competitions, including the Harlem Science Street Fair and Festival.

In an effort to bring sciences and create a scientific awareness in our communities more directly, the Harlem Children Society organizes its major showcase - “Harlem Science Street Fairs and Festivals,” held each fall (starting 2004). The goals of the fairs are to bring the sciences directly to the streets and to promote the importance of access to knowledge and education for the under-served and under-represented communities. It is an opportunity for the students themselves to reach out to their families and communities during the Annual Harlem Science Street Fair & Festival. This unique venture is also aimed at fostering a dialogue in the different health, environmental and other pertinent issues relevant to these communities.

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