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December 14, 2007:

HCS Holiday Staff Dinner


December 1, 2007:

JSHS (Junior Science and Humanities Symposium)


November 25, 2007:
HCS Services
HCS 2007-2008 After School Program (photo)
2007 Graduating HCS High School Students (pdf)

November  22, 2007:
HCS Gives Back Thanksgiving Day (photos | pdf)

November  2-3, 2007:
Annual Sigma Xi Research Conference - Orlando, Florida (photos)
Students at American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) in Albuquerque and Arizona (pdf)

October  6th, 2007:
4th International Harlem Science Street Fair & Festival (flyers)
Photos (Street Fair in NYC)
Photos (Festival in Monterrey, Mexico)
Video (Street Fair in India - mov)
Student Winners of Poster Competion (pdf)

August 3rd, 2007:
HCS Cruise Invitation (pdf)
Science Cruise Photos | Student Picture Submissions

HCS Orientation: June 28th 2007

summary: Orientation (pdf)

guest speakers:
Ms. Ann Marie Cunningham, Executive Director of NPR Science Friday

Nertilla Ujkaj
Alberto del Rosario
Christian Garcia and Louis Shackelford
Princess Kara Parker-Smith
Natasha Tonge

HCS Workshop & Lecture Series # 1: July 10th 2007

summary: Lecture 1 (pdf)

guest speakers:
Prof. Deborah Cordonnier, Princeton University
Ms. Joan Seidman and Ms. Isabel Sulimanoff,
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Library

students: (TBA)

HCS Workshop & Lecture Series # 2: July 17th 2007

summary: Lecture 2 (pdf)

guest speakers:
Hon. Dr. L. N. Balaji, UNICEF (presentation)
Prof. Susan Fahrenholtz, Fordham University (presentation)

Ka Lai Poon (presentation)
Geraldina Ortiz
Cindy Law
Jae Yoo
Sheri Huang
Anna Feng and Tamika Roberts
Shabab Naqvi and Ibrahim Ibrahim
Odell La Croix
Deshaundra S. Johnson
Mobeen Farooq
Natasha Williams
Pratyush Narayan

HCS Workshop & Lecture Series # 3: July 24th 2007

summary: Lecture 3 (pdf)

guest speakers:
Hon. Xuesong Shen, UNESCO
Dr. Hakim Djaballah, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Dr. Thomas Brennan, Bronx Community College

Katrina Boston and Kenyatta Thompson (presentation)
Roslyn Joinvil
Glendis de Jesus (presentation)
Michelle Medina (presentation)
Natalie Saldana (presentation)
Stacia Semple and Kimberly Small (presentation)
Sumaiya Tasneem (presentation)

HCS Workshop & Lecture Series # 4: July 31st 2007



guest speakers:
Ms. Micky Fernandez, Ms. Milagros Rodriguez & Ms. Lynn Simon,
CitiBank: "Managing Finances and Cash Management"

Arafath Hussain (presentation)
Calbert Warner and Alejandro Baste (presentation)
Chris Roca (presentation)
Kimberly Julien (presentation)
Ashley Douglin, Dan Yi Zhao, Dalibell Ferreira, Jennifer Soto, Kalib St.Ange, Mashkura Chowdhury, Nadege Laporte (presentation)
Tyrone Reid (presentation)
Natalie Saldana (presentation)
Dominique Smart (presentation)

HCS Workshop & Lecture Series # 5: August 7th 2007



guest speakers:

Dr. Matthew Birck, Barnard College, Columbia University,
"Bacterial Program Cell death: A new direct antibiotics"

Dr. Roberta Rivi, Research Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,
"Mouse Mutagenesis"

Abby El-Shafei (presentation)
Lena Mei, Savita Ramlall, and Edwin Gonzalez (presentation)
Badrul Islam (presentation)
Raykia Koroma (presentation)
Rodney Agnant (presentation)
Kunwal Nasrullah (presentation)
Jiajun Wu (>presentation)

HCS Workshop & Lecture Series #6: August 14th 2007



guest speakers:

Dr. Richard Axel
2004 Nobel Laureate in Physiology/ Medicine
University Professor, Columbia University
"How the Brain knows what the nose is smelling"

Dr. Jose Luis Pena
Department of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein School of Medicine
"What do barn owls tell us about the brain?"


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