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Levels of Support


Rising Stars of Tomorrow

Rising Stars of Tomorrow is a scholarship fund that provides the financial resources to help promising high school students complete the HCS summer bridge acceleration program and gain access to advanced courses that prepare them for college. Sponsorships assist with textbooks, living, material and travel expenses. When you sponsor a student or class the scholarship that you provide will be named in your honor.

Partial: $150,000

Individual: $1,500



Sci-Tech provides financial resources for computers and equipment to enhance science education. With access to laptops and advanced scientific equipment, students are able to complete their projects more efficiently. In addition, students are able to increase their learning potential by participating in high tech advanced study. Your sponsorship will assist in purchasing textbooks and lecture materials and in the development of tests, lab work, lectures, special projects and mentor recruitment.

Sponsorship: $300,000


Building Bridges

HCS plans to expand internationally to Africa, Latin America, and other continents. The study abroad program will enable US students to gain hands on experience in countries that desperately need their help with medical resources and research and development. Students will work on rewarding projects that cover such important topics as AIDS, Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, alcoholism/ drug abuse; and other socio-cultural-economic, and environmental issues. Students will complete their independent study by documenting their findings in a professional report and presentation for a select committee of experts. The best project will receive an award and the opportunity to be published in a respected medical journal. Sponsorship will cover materials, support staff, and travel expenses.

Sponsorship: $250,000


HCS Harlem Science Fair

HCS Harlem Science Fair is held annually in Harlem . The goal of the fair is to bring

the sciences directly to the streets of urban neighborhoods and to promote the importance

of access to knowledge and education in under-served and under-represented communities.

The fair will honors various outreach programs that aid youth in under-served and under-represented communities and school districts in New York City and New Jersey, and in our national venture. The event features international live entertainment and takes place in association with various sponsors, including Rockefeller University Chapter of Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, Salem United Methodist Church, American Chemical Society and New York Academy of Sciences

Ambassador: $10,000

Leader: $5,000

Patron: $2,500

Small Business: $500


Harlem Press Peer Reviewed Journal

The Harlem Press Peer Reviewed Journal will be a professionally published scientific journal created by HCS students who will serve as junior editors under a select editorial board of experts. The journal will be published in-house through the Harlem Press and distributed to high schools and universities both nationally and internationally. The purpose of the journal is to encourage students to produce quality publishable work that will give them the advanced credentials to attend top colleges. In addition, they will be equipped to continue advanced study at the higher education level that will increase their chances of being hired in top professions. Sponsorship will finance publication and distribution of the journal and staff recruitment and compensation.

Sponsorship: $150,000


Advisory Counseling

The College Board's new report, Education Pays, shows that investment in higher education has a significant return both for the individual and for society as a whole. Education Pays includes evidence that higher levels of education result in higher earnings for all racial/ethnic groups, that college graduates display higher levels of civic participation than others, and that their children attain higher levels of education. Societal benefits include lower levels of unemployment and poverty, lower incarceration rates, and an increase in civic participation, including voting and volunteer work.

The Advisory Counseling program coincides with the HCS summer bridge acceleration program to not only close the gap in access to college, but to teach skills for adjustment to college life for high school students from under-served and under-represented communities. Students will be assigned Advisory Counselors who will answer frequently asked questions, provide helpful resources and act as a support system for the “culture shock” that can sometimes accompany the transition to this new world of higher education. Sponsorship will cover Counselor recruitment and compensation, materials and peer projects.

Sponsorship: $150,000


HCS Development Fund

HCS seeks to work with the New York Department of Education, local CDC’s, and youth organizations to finance and develop an educational facility that will support the expansion of HCS’s administration, enrollment and programs. The facility will be located in Harlem and will be used to encourage the pursuit of education, entrepreneurship, and community development and revitalization. The Fund will be run by HCS Board members along with a special advisory committee of local political and business leaders. The fund will finance the development of the facility, including research and development, construction and design, and staff recruitment and compensation.

Sponsorship: $1,000,000


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