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* Harlem Children Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an Innovative Science Education Program for Children and Youth living in under-resourced and under-served communities and school districts.a

* 111/2 years since inception - Exponential growth and positive response from community.

* 8-week summer program for new students and all year round After School Program After School Program provides students the opportunity to extend their research exploration.

* Students receive a SUBSTANTIAL stipend.

* High School Students (Grades 9-12) grew from three in 2001 to 250 in 2011.

* About 62% of the students are Young Women

* About 97% of the students are from Minority Backgrounds (~46% are African American, ~25% Hispanic, ~18% Asian, ~8% Native American, and ~3% Caucasian).

* Over 1500 Mentors at 150 Institutions assisted 250 students from 150 schools in 2011. The program served a similar number of students in 2010. Over 375 Mentors at 75 Institutions assisted 230 students from over 65 schools in 2007

* Students inducted as interns at prestigious Universities & institutions such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia Univ., Hunter College, New York Univ., Fordham University, American Museum of Natural History, Stevens Institute of Technology, and others.

* Students encouraged competing at several regional and national science conferences and competitions.

* Past awards and accolades include participation in several regional and national competitions and programs such as “New York Times Scholarship” (award $30,000), “Posse Scholarships” (award $150,000), “Gates Millennium Scholarships”, “National Symposia - around the Tri-state area, Chicago, San Diego, Colorado, etc.


* Students are given a thorough background related to their individual research projects.

* Undergo rigorous training on the techniques, safe and proper handling of devices, instruments, chemicals, and biologicals.

* Students are allocated individual projects.

* Guidance and background is given to enable them to build self-confidence and presentation skills.

* Students summarize their work and present their results in weekly ‘Harlem Children Society’ conferences held at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Rockefeller University, NYU, and Cornell Medical Center.

* Students submit project reports at the end of the project.

* Scientists and researchers give frequent lectures and tutorials.

* Students compete at several regional and national science conferences and competitions, including HCS Science Street Fair.

*The Goal of the present projects are to increase the awareness in the Sciences and lend a hand to providing an opportunity for High School Students & Youth and their families living in Under-resourced & Under-served Communities & School districts in NYC.